Baby Eloise

Sweet little Eloise has blue eyes that seem to hold oceans within them and the softest brown hair. She looked at me with so much expression when I met her. She smiles. She gurgles. She looks straight into my lens with curiosity. I photographed Eloise in her first home; the one she will look back on when she is old and remember with joy. It is in this home that she is getting to know the world. It is there that she will take her first steps and laugh her first laugh. It is there that her mama rocks her when she cries out and where her dad stares at her with incredulity.

Photographing babies is like photographing possibility. You can see the dreams for the future etched into the expressions of the parent’s faces, you can see the appreciation for the now even through the sleep deprivation. Brand new life is truly a magical thing and I don’t think it will ever cease to awe me.

Much Love, Kiana M.

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