I like to say I am a light chaser, but it isn't true, light chases me. And I love it. I love light when it is golden and dappled and streaming and brilliant. And even more than loving light I love to capture people in it. I love to tell stories, with words, with pictures, with art. I want to tell your story. I want to photograph you in beautiful light. I want to preserve the love you have for your family and the love they have for you. 

I am a mama of two sweet children and a wife to an amazing husband. I am a cloud gazer, a little dreamer. I also write, and have had flash fiction pieces and poetry published in literary magazines. I am obsessed with the color mustard yellow, and trees, and storms, and birds. I met my husband at photography school on the very first day of orientation (12 years ago!) and we have been in love ever since. 


a little bit about

To preserve what you want to keep forever, I encourage you to print. I am passionate about making art and heirlooms for my clients.

The art


Let go of your expectations for what should be, and let what is happen. I want the tender moments, the natural moments, the candid love. 

Authentic moments


The location we select is important to the authenticity of your session. And, outfit selection can make a huge difference in the shoot!

Careful Planning


It is important to me that my clients feel a connection/trust going into the session, so they can really be themselves in front of my camera. 

Connection and trust


So, you want to get your families portrait taken, but you feel a little nervous. That is SO normal. But my clients find the sessions are actually special and fun. Release your expectations for your children, it's ok if they cry, it's ok if they are kids, we will get beautiful photographs. I love to help with wardrobe, so before the session I encourage you to send the outfits you are thinking of/choosing between! At your session, we will get some of you all looking at the camera and smiling, BUT, what I really love is authenticity. I will give prompts to create images in which you are all interacting in a beautiful way. And after the session, while it is not required to purchase art, it makes my soul sing when clients do.  Those wall portraits or heirloom albums, those are the photos that will be enjoyed for years instead of forgotten on the computer. And a lot of my passion lays in that. 

About the Sessions


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